Chronicles of the Fox

Part 1: Dangerous Reading

While shopping on the Strand a bookseller’s shop was robbed and the proprietor, Reginald Weathersby III, was attacked and wounded. Anneka tracked down on of the two men, taking him captive with the assisstance of a Bobby, while Anderson did the same, easily subduing the second man in an alley way. The two men had stolen a number of books from the shoppe which Anneka identified as being tomes of specious value with regards to occult subjects.

One of the books was however genuine, a book with details for consorting with demonic powers. After identifying the two men as cultists worshipping the Order’s enemy, Kar’kradas Anneka sought the help of fellow members of the Order of the Fox, while Anderson, unaware of the larger forces at play staked out the shop after identifing a pair of men watching the shop after the incident.

Anneka returned to the shop that evening determined to investigate the bookseller’s rare books. While inside the store she was attacked by another thief who attempted to steal a tome from the storeroom. Anneka killed the man while outside Anderson dealt with the two cultists watching the building easily subduing them.

Leaving via the rear of the store Anneka encountered the thief’s getaway driver who promptly attacked her with a Tommygun. Anderson responded to the sound of gunfire and quickly things got out of control as Anneka attempted to escape to the Order’s hidden den, but was followed both by the gunman and Anderson.

Within the Den of the Fox the gunman was finally defeated by Anneka and Anderson working in tandem. Anderson, having seen the Order’s hidden Den was forced to join the Order…


plourde plourde

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