Chronicles of the Fox

Part 3: Curse of Ku-Tu, the Burning Sun

Several weeks later a request by wire is recieved at the British Museum. The message requests additional help from one Dr. William Rose in Central America. Dr. Rose believes that he has located a long forgotten and abandoned temple with the the rain forestes of the Yucatan.

Traveling via airship and then flying boat Anneka and Anderson soon reach the tiny villiage that acts as a staging point for the Doctor and his assistant. There they learn that the doctor is dead, killed by some savage attacker, possibly the same who attacked them in tne night during their journey from the coast. They speak with Anthony Norris, an art student and the doctor’s assisstant, who informs them that he had left the doctor alone at the temple when he returned to the town get supplies.

The little group tried to tak to the villagers who were very close mouthed about the temple claiming it to be cursed and blaming the recent disappearances on the doctor’s activities. Before they could go to investigate tne site where Dr. Rose’s body was found the village was set upon by a sorcerer riding a large flying disc and accompanied by two flying stone heads capable of shooting energy from their eyes.

During the battle the sorcerer was able to use magic of some kind, drawn from an amulet, to turn a villager into a jaguar creature. Overwhelmed, Anderson was killed after downing the sorcerer. Anneka was only able to triumph by creating a burst of anti-magic to destroy the remaining stone head and transform the villager back to normal.


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