Chronicles of the Fox

Part 4: Raiding the Lost Temple

The heroes defeat the man who would be a god.

A few days later Anderson awoke to the stale damp darkness of a village root cellar. Placed there in liu of burial until his body could be returned home. Climbing out and into the light of day the immortal man was greeted withnfear and suspicion by the villagers who saw his return from death as a grim omen layed atop their already fearsome plight.

Reunited with Aneka the two heroes convinced the village to stay their hand and soare Anderson so that they could explore the temple of Ku-Tu and hopefully end the threat once and for all. With the help of Anthony Norris, the Doctor’s assisstant, they located the cursed temple and began to explore the acient ruin. Anneka was able to discern that the temple’s guardians had been destroyed by age and were no longer able to act to keep Ku-Tu contained.

Delving into the darkness of the ruin the pair fought past traps and puzzles and stillk more transformed villagers in the form of jaguar servants. Deep withi the temple they found the cursed holding place of the twisted god and destroyed the temple used to sacrifice victims to him. After doing so the pair were attacked by the animated forms of the heartless dead, whose still beating hearts had been removed and sacrificed in fire to Ku-Tu.

Pushing still deeper they confronted the evil god in his throne room facing him down in combat. Using ice magic Anneka and Anderson weakened and then destroyed Ku-Tu by smashing his power amulet and then atacking the weakened being, revealing him to be merely a man masquerading as a god.


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